Have you seen the post about “engineered heart tissue beating aboard the ISS”? – it’s viral

“Unbelievable” is probably the word you will be inclined to use after seeing this post about “engineered heart tissue beating aboard the International Space Station (ISS)”. Shared on NASA’s official source for research and science from the ISS, the post has now created a stir among people. It might surprise you too.

“Our heart beats for science,” the agency wrote. “This week, NASA astronaut Kate Rubins took a closer look at the engineered heart tissue beating aboard the @Space_Station. Part of the Cardinal Heart study, this science could lead to new treatments for people with heart disease on Earth, “they added.

The post comes complete with a GIF that captures what the caption describes:

Since it was shared, the post has received various comments from people. While some shared their reactions in the comments section of the post, others expressed themselves by sharing the post again.

“That’s awesome,” wrote a Twitter user as he retweeted the post. “This is simply amazing,” expressed another. “This is the heart tissue. Beat. In the space. Science drives me crazy, “exclaimed a third.

What do you think of the post?