Government publishes guidelines for COVID19 vaccination campaign

Vaccinating 100-200 people in each session per day, monitoring them for 30 minutes after administering shots for any adverse event, and allowing only one beneficiary at a time are among the guidelines issued by the Center for COVID-19 Inoculation Campaign.

According to the guidelines recently issued to states, the COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-WIN) system, a digitized platform, will be used to monitor beneficiaries enrolled for vaccination and coronavirus vaccines in real time. Only pre-registered beneficiaries will be vaccinated at the vaccination site based on prioritization and no on-site registrations will be provided.

States have been asked, wherever possible, to allocate the vaccine from one manufacturer to a district to avoid mixing different COVID-19 vaccines in the field.

According to the “COVID-19 Vaccine Operational Guidelines,” all steps must be taken to avoid exposing the vaccine vehicle, vaccine vials, or ice packs to direct sunlight, the document states. Vaccines and diluents should be kept inside the vaccine container with the lid closed until a beneficiary arrives at the vaccination center.

“There may be no vaccine vial monitor (VVM) and expiration date on the COVID-19 vaccine label, this should not discourage vaccinators from using the vaccine. At the end of the session, the vaccine carrier with all ice packs and unopened vaccine vials should be sent back to the cold chain distribution point, “the guidelines state. States were asked to implement global communication fully integrated and a social mobilization strategy to address the challenges surrounding the progress and benefits of vaccine launches.