Gold prices today, 15 December 2020: Gold-Sewer prices rise in the opening session, check rates in your cities Gold prices today, 15 December 2020, Today’s gold prices: Prices rise slightly, silver also shines

New Delhi: Gold price today 15 December 2020: February gold futures on MCX on Monday at Rs. 49 thousand below Rs. Closed at 48939, but today the opening is above Rs 49,000 per 10 grams. Gold is currently trading at a fast rate of Rs 110 per 10 grams.

Silver is also witnessing a slight rally today, with MCX gaining Rs 200 in March futures to Rs. Kg 6366060 kg surface area is seen. Gold has also reached a high of 57,100 this year. According to this, gold is more than Rs 7000 cheaper than its highest level.

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Gold and silver prices in your city

Let’s take a look at GoodTurnus.n. Accordingly, what is the trend of 10 grams 24 carat gold in four metro cities?

Price of 10 grams of gold

The city’s gold prices
Delhi is 52,320
Mumbai 49,160
Kolkata is 51,550
Chennai 50,320

Now let’s see what is the price of 1 kg of silver in these four metro cities. According to

Price of 1 kg of silver
City silver prices
Delhi 63210
Mumbai 63210
Kolkata 63210
Chennai 67100

Why the pressure on gold and silver prices?

Worldwide gold and silver prices are under pressure. Although the edge is not so much. The biggest reason behind this is that the work of vaccinating corona has started in America. Which has led to an improvement in feelings of risk. The strength of the rupee and the ongoing rally in equity markets have also put pressure on gold and silver prices.

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