Florida Man picks up the golf ball from the alligator’s tail. Clock

A golfer catches a ball from an alligator’s tail.

Most of us would hesitate to approach an alligator. Not this man. A video that is going viral online shows a Florida golfer picking up his golf ball from the tail of an alligator. According to the UPI news site, Kyle Downes and his brother were playing golf at Coral Oaks Golf Course in Cape Coral, Florida on Sunday when their ball landed on the alligator’s tail.

A video shared by Kyle Downes on Facebook shows his brother sneaking up on the alligator sunbathing and carefully picking up the ball from where it landed on the reptile’s tail. As he quickly grabs the ball, the alligator dives into the water, seemingly surprised.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you did this,” wrote a Facebook user in the comments section.

“It’s crazy,” exclaimed another.

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Mr. Downes told NBC News that he and his brother weren’t trying to antagonize the animal and just wanted to get the golf ball back.

The alligator regularly frequents the golf course and has been named Charlie. It is not the only alligator in Florida to be seen on golf courses. The state is home to around 1.25 million alligators and are often seen on golf courses, swamps, and open spaces. Just a few weeks ago, a giant alligator was spotted casually strolling across the fairway at Melbourne’s Duran Golf Club.

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