Find out why Ajit Agarkar did not become the selector of Team India, Abhay Kuruvilla lost?

Ajit Agarkar became a victim of politics! (Photo-Ajit Agarkar Instagram)

On Thursday, Chetan Sharma was appointed as the chief selector of Team India. Surprisingly, Ajit Agarkar (Ajit Agarkar) did not get a place in the selection committee while Abhay Kuruvilla was selected to play very few matches.

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    December 25, 2020, 6:21 AM IST

New Delhi. Everyone was stunned when the BCCI, the world’s richest board, announced the three new selectors for Team India on Thursday. Indeed, the BCCI announcement did not name former fast bowler Ajit Agarkar (Ajit Agarkar). The BCCI selected Chetan Sharma, Devashish Mohanty and Abhay Kuruvia for the remaining three terms and on the basis of seniority, Chetan Sharma was appointed as the chief selector. Now the question was that there had been reports for several days that Ajit Agarkar would be the new chief selector of Team India but he has not been selected. Agarkar played 191 ODIs and 26 Tests. Sources have quoted the news that Ajit Agarkar was a victim of Mumbai Cricket Association politics.

How did Ajit Agarkar’s page get cleaned?

According to reports, the names of Ajit Agarkar and Abhay Kuruvilla were discussed at the CAC meeting for a long time. There were discussions during the day to secure a place for Kuruvilla, whose cricketing achievements were nowhere to be found against Agarkar. Agarkar was the only candidate to have played in more than 200 international matches. “Agarkar has never had the support of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA),” a senior BCCI source told PTI. It was alleged that he did not watch the match as Mumbai’s chief selector. Abhay Karuvila was supported by influential people in the Mumbai cricket world. Ajit Agarkar could not beat Abhay Kuruvilla despite his cricket record. ‘

Chetan Sharma became the chief selectorEarlier, the BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) on Thursday appointed former Indian fast bowler Chetan Sharma as chairman of the senior national selection panel. The CAC also selected Mumbai’s Abe Kuruvilla and Odisha’s Debashish Monhati in the five-member team. A new panel was formed here on the occasion of the BCCI’s 89th annual general meeting in which Sharma defeated Maninder Singh and Vijay Dahiya of Uttar Pradesh.

“It is definitely an honor for me to have the opportunity to serve Indian cricket once again,” Chetan Sharma told PTI. I don’t speak much because only my work will speak. “I just thank the BCCI for this opportunity,” he said. Former medium pacer Kuruvilla was backed by senior Mumbai Cricket Association officials, he was selected as Ajit Agarkar of the West Zone.

Mohanty was the junior national selector for the last two years

Former Odisha Indian fast bowler Mohanty has been serving as the junior national selector for the last two years and will be on the committee for just two years. The selection panel also includes former Indian players Sunil Joshi (South Zone) and Harvinder Singh (Central Zone). BCCI secretary Jai Shah said in a press release that the committee had recommended Chetan Sharma as the senior selector of the senior men’s selection committee on the basis of seniority (total number of Test matches). ‘

Chetan Sharma becomes Team India’s new chief selector, Abhay Kuruvilla-Devashish Mohanty also selectors

“The CAC will review the candidates after one year and make a recommendation to the BCCI,” Shah said. According to the BCCI constitution, the candidate who plays the most Tests becomes the chief selector. Former Indian cricketer Chetan Sharma has represented the country in 23 Tests and 65 ODIs in his 11-year international career, taking a hat-trick in the 1987 World Cup is a significant achievement. (With language input)