Farmers openly told the central government, – We are ready for negotiations, but do not give up opposition.

The Supreme Court has said that farmers have the right to protest but this should not be blocked. (Photo – ANI)

Kisan Andolan: Farmers are protesting against the three agricultural laws of the central government. Meanwhile, stable farmers on Delhi’s Tikri border (Haryana-Delhi border) have to say they are ready to negotiate with the government, but protests will continue.

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    December 17, 2020, 4:22 pm IST

New Delhi. Farmers have been protesting for several days against the three agricultural laws passed by the central government. Although several rounds of talks have taken place between the farmers’ organizations and the central government, no settlement has been reached yet. Meanwhile, farmers protesting against Delhi’s Tikri border (Haryana-Delhi border) say they are ready to negotiate with the government, but will not give up.

The farmers kept this condition

Meanwhile, a farmer opposing the Tikri border (Haryana-Delhi border) said, “We are ready for the second phase of negotiations.” The central government is now seeking the help of the Supreme Court so as not to hurt their ego. He also said that the table conversation should be broadcast live.

Let me tell you that on Thursday the Supreme Court heard a petition to remove the farmers ’protest against the three agricultural laws. Chief Justice of India S. a. Bobde, Justice a. s During the hearing, a bench of Bopanna and Justice Ramsubramaniam said, “We will not take any decision today on the validity of the laws, we will only take a decision on the right to protest and the right to free movement anywhere in the country.” “If the farmers and the government negotiate, the purpose of the protest can be achieved and we want to manage it,” the bench said. “We justify the farmers’ right to protest, but the protest must be non-violent,” the court said. “We are considering forming a fair and independent panel of agricultural experts and farmers’ unions to resolve the impasse over agricultural laws,” the court said.

However, the Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing on the peasant movement. The committee could not reach a decision due to the absence of any farmer association in the court. The apex court said it would give its verdict only after talking to the farmers. Next, another bench will hear the matter. The Supreme Court has a winter vacation, so the vacation bench will hear it.