Expectations 2021 The Indian smartphone industry is expected to welcome 2021 with strong growth

When the Corona virus epidemic forced people to stay at home, smartphones became their support to stay connected to the country and the world. Smartphones played a major role in getting things needed for the home, children’s education, or working from home fees. Smartphones were also used to teach the skill of making new dishes at home. That’s why the coming New Year 2021 is poised to welcome the smartphone industry with the promise of double-digit growth. People now want to move forward with new ways of working. She is eager to take a beautiful selfie on her six-inch smartphone.

2020 was a challenging year

If we talk about the end of 2020, this year has been very challenging from the beginning. In Wuhan, China, the growing corona virus industry is facing a situation in the smartphone industry, which is disrupting the supply chain of components. Given the import dependence of the phone and electronics industry in India on neighboring countries, it is feared that the stock of essential components and raw materials will be depleted. Concerns were heightened in March when the government had to conduct a nationwide lockdown in view of the growing number of corona virus infections. Except for essential items such as food and medicine, the movement of all other goods was completely stopped.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals

However, when the lockdown began to ease from June, demand in the smartphone industry increased rapidly. A demand that had never been shown before. Smartphone sales reached an all-time level of 50 million units in September. To continue their study and work, people entered the markets for smartphones, which has become very difficult for companies to complete. Despite a two-month loss in lockdown, smartphone supply fell by 14.80 crore units in 2020, down from six per cent a year earlier, said Prachir Singh, a senior analyst at Counterpoint Research. This shows the strength of India’s smartphone market.

It is expected to grow by 20% in 2021

“Given this situation, India’s smartphone market is expected to grow by 20 per cent year-on-year in 2021,” he said. The reason for this is to increase consumer spending with increasing economic activity and move from a big brand of smartphone to an aggressive production strategy. Activities can be intensified with the launch of Geo’s low-cost 4G smartphone market with Google. Local companies like Micromax may also make a hefty comeback next year.

Manu Jain, Managing Director, Xiaomi India, said that the industry faced many challenges in the first half of 2020. Challenges such as shortage of supply, disruptions in production and timely supply. “As lockdown restrictions eased, we began to meet customer demand. Production capacity soon increased, marketing shifted to marketing strategy and moved forward with new circumstances.

A spokesman for Samsung India said the company started reaching out to retail customers through the digital platform in collaboration with its retail partners as customer flow slowed down. He also tried to provide simple and inexpensive solutions through smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Companies like Xiaomi and Nokia entered the laptop sector this year through a partnership with Flipkart. In this category, it competed with companies such as HP, Dell Technologies, Lenovo, ACER and Asus.

Samsung and Xiaomi think ahead

During the year 2020, tensions on the Indo-China border escalated with slogans like “Boycott Chinese, get rid of Chinese”. On the other hand, promotion of local products and ‘Make in India and Swanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ also gained momentum. During the year 2020, Samsung and Xiaomi were seen competing with each other in the race to advance in the smartphone market. After this, Vivo, Realm and Oppo were in the next three places. During this period, OnePlus, Samsung and Apple Play tried to outperform customers through their premium portfolios.