Exclusive! Dia Mirza: Older men like to be cast in front of younger women to extend their lifespan | Hindi movie news

Dia Mirza is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors and sensitive minds we have in Bollywood today. The actress recently talked about the wave of female-centric content, all thanks to OTT. She also expressed her opinion that older actors were cast with younger actresses.

In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Dia said: “I think the stories and opportunities for female characters have opened up significantly. There are more female representations now, more than ever. We have multiple female directors, editors and editors. The number has lagged far behind even now, but it’s definitely more since I’ve started working. It is that representation that opened the narrative, but I think the advent of the OTT platform has really given narratives that are driven by a female lens are more and more varied. I am grateful for that. ”

Older men are still the protagonists in their film, while that is not the case with older women in Bollywood. Citing her opinion on the same subject, the actress added: “I hope this expression of female actors allows them to play the main part even when they are older. But the unfortunate truth of the matter is that the stories aren’t written for the older female characters as much as they are for the male ones. It’s even more unfortunate to see an older man playing younger parts. ”

Elaborating further, Dia said: “The idea of ​​beauty is always associated with youth. I think that’s why there is a great deal of interest in consuming younger faces. An aberration to this would be an actress like Neena Gupta ji. She literally said it out loud more than once: ‘I’m an actress. I love my job. Please choose me. Thankfully, some interesting directors decided to cast her in main parts that were beating her age. But there are many actresses in their middle ages who are struggling and they are not being chosen because no stories are written for them.

“The industry is male dominated. Older men like to be placed in front of younger women to extend their lifespan. It’s bizarre for an actor over 50 to play alongside a 19-year-old actress, ”concluded Dia.