Excessive yawning can be a warning sign of an impending heart attack

Yawning is usually a sign of insomnia. But if you keep doing this even on days when you have a deep sleep and don’t feel tired at all, then it can be a symptom of a serious health condition.

Yawning is a mystery in the world of medical science. Several efforts have been made to decode it, but scientists have not achieved much success. According to some studies, yawning helps promote blood oxygenation and brain cooling.

Excessive yawning is thought to be related to a vagus nerve, which runs from the back of the brain to the heart and stomach. In some cases, people yawn too much when there is bleeding around the heart. This reflex phenomenon is also linked to stroke. According to studies, excessive yawning can occur before or after a stroke. Other symptoms associated with it are numbness, lowering of the lower face, weakness in the arms and difficulty in speaking. According to health experts, those who yawn too much during exercise, especially on hot days, may be at risk for a heart attack.