EU agency carries out meeting on Modern COVID-19 vaccine | Taiwan news

The facade of the Moderna, Inc. headquarters is visible, Tuesday, December 15, 2020, in Cambridge, Mass. The Food and Drug Administration has stated that a second power …

AMSTERDAM (AP) – The European Union medicines agency announced Thursday that it has held a meeting to consider authorizing a coronavirus vaccine manufactured by Moderna for use in the 27-nation block.

The Amsterdam-based agency, which is meeting on Monday to consider authorizing a vaccine manufactured by Pfizer Inc. and German company BioNTech for use in the EU, had scheduled a meeting to discuss the Moderna vaccine on January 12, but now it has been brought. ahead of January 6th.

The decision came after Moderna sent the latest vaccine data packet needed by the agency to evaluate it for the EU market, EMA said.

“We have constantly revised our planning to further simplify all procedural aspects that need to be in place for a robust scientific assessment leading to a marketing authorization in all EU countries,” said the executive director of the ‘EMA Emer Cooke. “The number of infections is increasing across Europe and we are aware of the huge responsibility we have to get a vaccine to market as quickly as possible, while maintaining the robustness of our scientific review.”

EMA approval is valid in all 27 EU countries and once granted, countries can start receiving vaccines for immunization campaigns.


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