Esha Gupta viralizes selfie photo of her hot and bold bathroom on social media

New Delhi Bollywood’s hot and bold actress Esha Gupta is always in the headlines because of her pictures. Isha often shares her bold photo on social media. Her pictures go viral as soon as they hit the internet. Meanwhile, Isha Gupta has now shared a latest photo of herself. In this picture she is seen giving a very bold pose. This photo of the actress is going viral on social media.

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A post shared by Esha Gupta (@igupta)

Actress Esha Gupta recently shared one of her latest bold pics on her Instagram account, which is going hugely viral. She is seen in the photo wearing a t-shirt. In the picture, you can see that she has clicked a selfie while posing hot in front of the mirror in the bathroom. While sharing this, Isha may not have written anything in the citation, but she has definitely created a bathtub emoji. This picture of the actress is being heavily liked and shared. At the same time, in the comment box, fans are making comments like hot selfies.

Let us say that Isha Gupta is often trolled because of her bold pictures. At the same time, he gave the trolls an excellent answer. “Those who troll are really struggling with a serious problem,” the actress said. That’s why he trolls others. “I think if people continue to be negative and trolling even after the year 2020, they could have some serious problems,” Isha told e-Times. Sometimes I feel bad about these things that maybe they get annoyed that they are doing this. He has no one to talk to and that’s why he trolls others. ‘

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