Don’t be fooled by Rahane’s silence! – Ajinkya Rahane bowlers captain, Shubhaman Gill and Mohammad Siraj for boxing Xing Day Test

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Ajinkya Rahane’s strategy will be different. He has previously captained the Indian team. Just because he’s calm doesn’t mean he’s not aggressive. Each person shows their movements differently. ‘

The great Sachin Tendulkar made this statement about Team India’s acting captain Ajinkya Rahane before the start of the Boxing-Day Test. Tendulkar is clearly saying that Rahane does not openly express Virat Kohli’s motherly sentiments, though his courage is reflected in his strategy, his batting. The Indian bowlers did their job well in the first Test in Adelaide. In batting, if we see mistakes

In the Bingxing-Day Test, Rahane had the opportunity to add extra strength to the batting line-up by including expert batsman KL Rahul in the playing XI, but he opted for bowling all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja. At the same time, he once again decided to strengthen the bowling department, for which he is known.

In 2017, when Ajinkya got the chance to captain the team for the first time in the Dharamsala Test, she was surprised by some of her decisions. The most important decision was to go against Australia with five bowlers. While batting first, when the Australian Australian team scored 144 runs for just one wicket, there came a time when Rahane made a mistake. He had to field an extra batsman in a custom made format. But Rahane remained adamant on his strategy. Kuldeep Yadav, who made his Test debut, kept him under attack. The left-arm wrist spinner took four wickets and reduced the visiting team to 300 runs. After this, the Australian Australian team could not survive the match.

There was a lot to be done with the team combination this time, but Rahane didn’t take much time to decide. Despite his poor form, Virat Kohli fielded Prithvi Shaw in the first Test. Prithvi was to play in Australia for the first time and Virat was confident that this young batsman could give the team a strong start, but it did not happen. Despite Earth’s poor form, some cricket pundits recommended him for a second chance. However, Rahane did not budge emotionally and decided to include Shubhaman Gill in the team instead of Prithvi. Now Shubhaman will debut through the Bing Xing-Day Test.

Apart from this, there was a lot of external pressure on Rahane to include KL Rahul in the middle order, but he decided to go with Jadeja and give Hanuma Vihari a second chance. The advantage of Jadeja and Hanuman’s presence in the XI will be that the team will have a total of six players who can bowl. Young Mohammed Siraj is getting a chance to debut in the absence of expert pacer Mohammed Shamini. It is not easy to compensate. In such a scenario, keeping both Hanuma and Jadeja in the playing XI as a strategy to give extra power to the bowling department seems to be the right decision for the team right now.

Either way, Rahane is called a bowling captain i.e. a captain who thinks like a bowler and runs a game like him. Fast bowler Ishant Sharma also said that Rahane does not impose himself on the bowlers but asks what to do instead.

Rahane has prepared his army for this important match, now he will have to come down from the Australian team, which also plays a mind game. “The Australian Australian mind is an expert in playing this game,” Rahane admitted before the match. Let them play. We will focus on our game. We will encourage our players. The role of opener is important, but I want to give Shubhaman and Mayank Agarwal the freedom to play a natural game.

After the Adelaide Test defeat, the weakness of the Indian team is once again being discussed abroad. Now the responsibility of stopping this discussion once again falls on Ajinkya Rahane. Rahane is confident the team will return. Fans are confident the team will return. Surprisingly, opposing captain Tim Penn is also saying that the Indians are proud of their cricketers and that this talented team will definitely return to the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Voice: Rohit Upadhyay