Do you want to see the results in your weight loss program? Don’t Cheat At All – Vinod Channa Fitness Instructor

Consistency and discipline are the key to seeing the results of your weight / fat loss program


  • Avoid eating fake meals
  • Avoid taking breaks from exercise
  • But make sure you rest and give your body time to recover

Weight Loss: What’s the Right Way to Lose Weight? Well, there is no correct answer. Each person has a different metabolism and everyone responds differently to diet and exercise. Celebrity fitness trainer Vinod Channa, in one of his recent IGTVs, says the most common question people ask him is how to lose fat. According to Channa, the basics people should follow include not starving, overeating, eating right, and exercising. For effective fat or weight loss, you need to be consistent in daily exercise and eat the right food, at the right time. “Instead of wanting a good body, you should always work towards it,” says Channa.

Tips for Effective Fat Loss

When we start to follow a healthy lifestyle, there are some important things that we tend to lose unintentionally. These errors could be the reason you see a delay in results or because you don’t get effective results.

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“Start working 100% to get results from your diet and training regimen,” Channa says in the video.

For example, if you’re eating a healthy diet all day, but cheating at night thinking you can compensate for it by exercising more or skipping your meal, it won’t work for you. The body doesn’t work that way, says the Mumbai athletic trainer.

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Follow your diet and exercise in a religious way, without deceit or indulgence, for timely and effective results. Whatever diet you’re on, whether it’s low-carb, low-fat, or sugar-free, stick to it consistently. Likewise, your exercise routine should also be followed consistently.


Follow a healthy diet and exercise consistently and with discipline
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Point to note

Exercise Routine: Yes, consistency is the key. But it’s also important to have rest and recovery days in between. Make sure you don’t over train or exercise too much as it can increase muscle pain and also the risk of injury. Your body needs rest to recover effectively. Without sufficient rest, exercise performance can also be negatively affected.

Diet routine: Again, consistency is important, but sustainability must also be taken care of. Eating low-carb or low-fat or low-calorie diets is by no means sustainable. You are likely to experience too many cravings and also run the risk of nutritional deficiencies. So, to make sure you are following your diet consistently, make it balanced, simple, and nutritious. Eat homemade foods most times of the day and avoid eating junk, fried, or sugary foods. Stay away from sugary drinks, alcohol and smoking and you are good to go.

Therefore, consistency and sustainability go hand in hand when it comes to achieving good health, losing weight and getting fit.

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