DigiBoxx Indian cloud storage service launches with up to 2TB of storage at Rs 30 / month- Technology News, Firstpost

Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, virtually launched India’s first Digital Asset Management platform, DigiBoxx, on December 22nd for desktop, iOS and Android. During the event, Amitabh Kant registered an account, making him the first DigiBoxx user. The platform is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product for Indian digital file storage, sharing and management that provides archiving options for businesses and individuals.

A free account on DigiBoxx offers up to 20GB of storage. This means an additional 5GB of storage compared to a free Google Drive account. DigiBoxx free tier also supports unlimited collaborators, a maximum file upload size of 2GB, and the shared file stays for 45 days in the DigiBoxx. Additionally, you can shell out a price of Rs 30 per month for up to 2TB of storage and a maximum file upload size of 10GB. An annual subscription is available for Rs 360 upfront. This is a single user account and businesses / enterprises have to spend Rs 999 and above for up to 50 users, up to 50TB of storage and more.


Commenting on the innovation behind the SaaS platform, Amitabh Kant said: “This is indigenous innovation at its best. I have always argued that the Indian tech industry can be globally competitive in all aspects and Digiboxx is one example. It meets all the rights boxes for India Inc’s needs, but it also fills a gap for the MSME universe that has not been exploited. Now, most of India can store, save and share in India without fear of security threats and data location problems. I hope this is the start of many more such innovations by Indian startups aligned with a Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Our reliance on foreign SaaS products will soon be a thing of the past and Digital India will get a boost with such intuitive solutions. “

At the launch, Vivek Suchanti, President, DigiBoxx said, “We are honored that Amitabh Kant is launching Digiboxx and registering (NITI Aayog) as our very first user. We are determined to make the government’s #MakeInIndia (#VocalforLocal) and #Aatmanirbhar campaign a reality. With Digiboxx we are geared towards providing data protection and contributing to the growth of India’s digital engagement landscape. Our efforts will ensure that over 5,000 engineers and 10 million users are impacted in the short term, reaffirming our commitment to India. “

Digiboxx prices

Digiboxx prices

Arnab Mitra, CEO, DigiBoxx added: “Digiboxx not only helps to save data accessible from anywhere, but also helps to seamlessly share data with partners, social media pages, while retaining administrator rights of that document. Hence, it can save, control and monitor who is accessing the data in real time. Digiboxx is an all-encompassing digital storage cloud that ensures data security for all Indians. It was conceived and designed based on real industry feedback and will facilitate work processes for individuals and companies in a post-COVID world of greater digital engagement. Considering the efficiency metric and the promised price, this is good news for the country’s more than 600 million Internet users. “