Delivery worker Christmas snacks | Spreading the holiday cheer: the delivery clerk finds snacks on the doorstep, a priceless reaction goes viral [WATCH]

The delivery worker’s priceless reaction to seeing the snack basket wins hearts online. | Photo credit: Facebook

“This is the season to be happy!”

It’s that time of year again when the long-awaited Christmas cheer knocks on our doors. During the festivities, while bringing joy to our families is one thing, making someone dizzy with happiness with a little act of generosity truly defines the holiday spirit.

One such case was captured on camera and the video is going viral on the Internet. Coming from a small town called Madison in the US state of Mississippi, a woman named Nashandra James decided to keep a basket full of snacks close at hand. With this, she wanted to thank the delivery people who brought her the items she ordered online.

From chips to water bottles and cookies, the snack basket was kept out with a note that read, “Thanks for making our Christmas shopping easy! Please grab some refreshments on the way. Happy Holidays!”

In the video that went viral, a UPS delivery person named Mimi Chandler is seen doing her part. When he sees the basket, he screams with joy and takes one. Then, look into the camera, thank them for the gesture, and ring the bell so that the residents know their item has been delivered.

On the way to her van, she is seen dancing a little merry that she can’t miss! The video was posted by both Nashandra James and her husband, Steven James, on their Facebook pages.

For obvious reasons, the video went viral. With the year bringing so much despair due to the pandemic, such rare moments shared on the internet lead to much needed positivity. Netizens were delighted, especially after seeing her reaction to seeing the snack basket. “Love this. So sweet and caring.”

Many also wanted this video to become an advertisement for a popular brand in the United States.