Delhi Traffic Police fined Rs 5,500 without HSRP and color coded sticker

New Delhi, Auto Toe Desk. HSRP update: The Delhi government has tightened rules on high security registration plates and color coded stickers. As a result, driving without HSRP and color coded stickers in Delhi can result in heavy fines. Let us know, the report said, the Delhi Transport Department will start limited drive in the city to comply with the HSRP and color coded sticker rule on vehicles. The campaign will start in 9 districts from today, Tuesday.

Apart from this, a new team was formed for HSRP whales: A senior official of the department said nine teams would be deployed in Delhi to nab motorists who do not comply with the rule. The team will drive in limited and selected areas in Delhi. Which will only take care of four wheelers. Let us know for information, the purpose of creating this team is to deliver stickers to every vehicle owner as soon as possible.

A fine of Rs 10,000 will be levied: The Department of Vehicle Transactions had earlier issued a public notice that vehicle owners were requested to obtain HSRP and color coded stickers and now information has been received that vehicles without HSRP will be fined from Tuesday. At the same time, those who do not comply with this rule will be liable for proceedings under the Motor Vehicle Act. In this case, they can be fined Rs 10,000, which is a minimum of Rs 5,500.

These people will be relieved: Notably, vehicles currently applying for HSRP and color coded stickers will not be penalized. All he has to do is show the application slip and avoid the penalty. According to transport department officials, there are at least 4 million vehicles here, including both cars and two-wheelers.

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