Defying police deployment, Uttarakhand peasants march to Delhi – India news

Despite the massive deployment of police forces along the Uttar Pradesh border to prevent farmers from marching into Delhi on Friday, hundreds of farmers marched to the national capital after clashing with police personnel on the highways.

In Kashipur, Bazpur and Nanakmatta clashes occurred between the police and furious peasants. Some police personnel, including an officer from Nanakmatta station, were injured as they stopped farmers.

Police videographed the clashes and are planning to submit a FIR after identifying farmers who have violated law and order in the district.

Daleep Singh Kunwar, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), US Nagar, said: “Some of our staff have been injured by farmers in some places. We conducted the videography of the march and we will present FIR against these farmers. ”

Farmers in the district had decided to march to Delhi following the Delhi March appeal launched on Friday by the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU). Instead, the district police asked them to abandon the program following the Covid-19 outbreak and to protect law and order.

When the farmers did not abandon the program and decided to organize a march, more police forces were deployed along the UP border. Despite the elaborate arrangements, the peasants crossed the border and left for Delhi.

In Kashipur, Bazpur and Nanakmatta there have been alterations between police and peasants. Barricades have been erected in Kashipur near the IGL factory and the village of Parmnandpur. Some of the police personnel were injured as they stopped farmers.

VD Joshi, in charge, the ITI Police Station in Kashipur managed to escape from a tractor while sitting on the road to stop tractors.

In Bazpur, farmers broke the barricades with tractors in Doraha. The police tried to push the tractors but failed to stop them. The farmers entered the UP pushing the police forces aside.

Barricades were erected in Nanakmatta in the village of Sisaikhera on the Kichha highway. Some police personnel, including Senior Sub-Inspector Sitarganj Sudakar Joshi and Station Officer Jhankaiya Dinesh Fartiyal, were injured while detaining farmers.

Manjinder Singh Sirsa, leader of the farmers of Bazpur, said: “The police tried to illegally prevent us from marching to Delhi. We want to raise our voices in Delhi to save the agricultural sector from the capitalists. Whatever happens, we will go to Delhi. We are not afraid of police action. ”

Raju Chhina, another chief farmer from Kashipur said: “The police illegally prevent us from going to Delhi. Nobody can stop farmers in this way. The Supreme Court must take its motto aware of the illegal action of the police “.