Corona vaccine booking warning: Bhopal youth got a call for corona vaccine booking: Corona vaccine book tax, Rs 500 vaccine will be given soon, you are also getting such a call


  • The thugs started booking the corona vaccine online
  • The Bhopal Cyber ​​Cell has issued a warning for such a call
  • A young man from Bhopal got a call, booked a vaccine for 500 crores
  • The awakened student escaped the fraud, informing the police

In the name of booking the Corona vaccine, the game of fraud has just begun. The MP Cyber ​​Cell has issued an alert in this regard. He also appealed to the people to be careful. Police have appealed to beware of phone calls from fraudsters in the name of registering for the Covid-19 vaccine booking.

Speaking to media on Thursday, ASP Rajat Saklecha of Cyber ​​Cell Bhopal said that the accused of being cyber fraudsters are currently cheating people by making them talk about people who are going for walks. So beware of coronavirus vaccine thugs. “We have received a similar complaint in which the swindler has been called and asked to register in advance,” he said. If you register early, you will be vaccinated for less money and from now on we will give you Rs.500.

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Will then give the money

The person receiving the call is a college student, the ASP said. He was told to give 500 rupees now, then give the rest. He said the boy was awake, so he escaped punishment. The youth has given all the information to Bhopal police. ASP Rajat Saklecha said that when the Bhopal police investigated, it was found that more such cases were going on across the country.

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Warn people
“We have also issued a guideline that any link in the name of the Covid-19 vaccine, do not share it, do not click at all and do not follow it,” Saklecha said. You could be cheated if you do this.

Fraud on OTP
Fraudsters say that the OTP you have is the registration of Kovid-19. The ASP said that when it belongs to an OTP transaction and as soon as someone pays against this OTP, money is deducted from his bank account. At the same time, how many people in Bhopal have done this, but they said we have only received one complaint.

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ASP Saklecha said the complaint came a week ago and it is also like information. They have not been cheated. But as soon as we got the information we issued the guide and we are trying to find out where the accused is.