China keeps an eye on the social media posts of Uighurs settled abroad

There are very few countries in the world that are as infamous as China. China is notorious worldwide for its many forms of barbarism. He has been committing such atrocities against Uighur Muslims living in his country for many years. But now China is not only keeping an eye on the Uighur community living here, but its eye has also reached other countries in the world. China has created a social media surveillance system that allows it to monitor Uighur Muslims living in other countries.

According to a report by CNN, the Chinese Communist Party, concerned about international opinion, has started monitoring social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, V-Chat. Nirola Elima, who settled in Sweden, was subjected to repressive action by Chinese authorities, the report said. In September 2020, one of her relatives, Myla Yakufu, was released from a Chinese internment camp at the Yining Detention Center. Elima then approached Yakufu via video call.

“At first I didn’t recognize her, because she looked so weak,” Elima said. Her hair was also very short. She was very nervous and did not even dare to speak in front of me. “Emila immediately told Yakufu’s parents and her sister in Australia. According to officials, Yakufu’s crime was that she gave her savings to her parents in Australia so they could buy a house. After this, the Chinese authorities immediately stripped her of her freedom. And admitted him to a hospital in western Xinjiang.

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Officials did not provide a reason for her hospitalization, but sent a message to her aunt and uncle that they would stop their daughter from tweeting to Nairola, CNN said in its report. According to the US State Department, 2 million Uighurs, Caucasians and other minorities have passed through the camp system since 2017.

The extent of large-scale surveillance mechanisms to monitor Uyghur by China has been multiplied. China sends people belonging to this community to the camp in the name of long beards or headscarves. To protect themselves from being humiliated in other countries, Chinese authorities are monitoring the social media platforms of Uighurs living abroad.