Cheteshwar Pujara meme: ‘Like snail, brickwall’: Cheteshwar Pujara’s growl 43 on 160 triggers memes, jokes on Twitter

Pujara’s growling 160 balls 43 triggers memes, jokes | Photo credit: AP

Key highlights

  • Cheteshwar Pujara was at his defensive best on the first day of the first test between India and Australia in Adelaide
  • He scored a 43 out of 160 balls before being sent off by Nathan Lyon
  • Puajra also required 148 balls to mark his first inning border

Indian hitter test specialist Cheteshwar Pujara really put the nerves of Australian bowlers to the test with his patient 43-run knock in 160 balls on day 1 of the first test in Adelaide. Pujara’s solid defense gave no room for penetration for the Australian pacers, but the Indian was ultimately nullified by home run Nathan Lyon with just 7 points in his half century.

Pujara lasted a total of 218 minutes on the pitch, playing each delivery with a clear mindset. The veteran hitter barely touched a delivery off the stump as he had the perfect response to those thrown at the stumps by Australian bowlers. In fact, Pujara took a total of 147 balls before marking his first border while the second came in at 149th.

As the hosts heaved a sigh of relief at seeing Pujara finally being fired, his extremely slow inning gave fans enough time to spark their creative sides and unleash some memes and jokes on Twitter.

“They just can’t get it out,” Mark Waugh, who was on commentary for Fox Cricket, once exclaimed on the air seeing Pujara stand still and tall against the Australian bowling attack.

Pujara had also defended his style of play after the end of the first day, saying that the main goal of the batters was not to lose the wickets when the ball moved enough in the first session.

“Not at all. We were in a very good position in the first two sessions,” Pujara said. “We had to make sure we didn’t lose wickets when the ball swings. It was a great day of Test cricket and there are no regrets for the strategy. We couldn’t have lost more wickets by playing strokes and getting thrown in one day. “

“The cricket test requires patience. If the wicket is flat, you can be aggressive but when it helps bowlers, you can’t play many shots.

“In overseas conditions, you don’t want a total of less than 200 runs (in the first inning). In the first two sessions, the bowlers are fresh and the field is fresh, “he said.

When looking at Pujara’s stats against Australia, the right-hander has faced a total of 3,609 deliveries in 28 innings over the past decade, more than British skipper Joe Root, former captain Alastair Cook, and even Virat Kohli. With Pujara spending all his time with the Aussies on the pitch, the frustration levels in the opposing team’s fans and players are set to increase.