Check it out: Mahesh Babu’s Farm

Mahesh Babu’s wife, Namrata Shirodhkar, is more active on social media than her husband. He often shares many invisible photos of Mahesh and their children, for example Gautham and Sithara on Instagram, and attracts Mahesh fans. Not only these, normal family outings and meetings with friends and even the devotional side of Namrata can be seen on its timeline.

Namrata’s latest post shows the vegetables growing on their farm. The video posted by her has the caption which reads: “Nothing like fresh vegetables from the farm .. I love it!” In this video you can see rice, cotton, red chillies, lady fingers, cherry tomatoes and other vegetables.

And now this video is attracting a lot of views and that’s not surprising at all as this has become a trend for celebrities these days to grow their own vegetables and by doing so they place a lot of importance on their health which is best for their profession.

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