Cases registered against people of all opposition parties should be returned in the spirit of political hatred like BJP: Mayawati

BSP supremo Mayawati (file photo)

BSP supremo Mayawati tweeted that along with the return of cases registered in Uttar Pradesh against the BJP people in the spirit of ‘political malice’, the cases of all opposition parties should also be returned.

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    December 25, 2020, 3:16 PM IST

Lucknow. The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has applied to the court to withdraw the case related to the Muzaffarnagar riots. The court will have to decide on this. On the other hand, politics has increased on this step of Yogi government. Bahujan Samaj Party national president Mayawati (BSP supremo Mayawati) has made a separate demand in this regard. He tweeted that in the spirit of political hatred against the people of BJP, the cases registered in Uttar Pradesh should be withdrawn as well as the cases of all the opposition parties. This is the demand of BSP.

Currently, the court has not ruled on the UP government’s application

Let me tell you that public prosecutor Rajiv Sharma has applied to the ADJ Court in Muzaffarnagar to withdraw the case. The court has not yet ruled on the case. It may be known that the FIR was registered on September 7, 2013 after the Mahapanchayat of Nangla Mandaud. An FIR was registered against the three leaders for provocative speeches, violation of Section 144, arson and vandalism. The mahapanchayat was convened in Muzaffarnagar after the assassination of Sachin and Gaurav.

This is the whole case

By the way, 510 cases were filed in Muzaffarnagar riots, out of which this case is very important. These are the same cases in which BJP MLA Sangeet Som, Kapil Dev Agarwal and Cabinet Minister Suresh Rana are the other accused. The lawsuit is also important because after the Jat Mahapanchayat at Nagla Mandir in September 2013, riots broke out in western UP, including Muzaffarnagar, killing 65 people and leaving more than 40,000 homeless. . Many of these people still live in camps.

What does it mean to withdraw a lawsuit?

According to experts, the case has been technically withdrawn from the government. Indeed, in all such cases the state government fights the accused. The case was also filed against the BJP MLAs by the then police station Charan Singh Yadav on behalf of the state government. Now, on behalf of the public prosecutor, the application to withdraw the case in court means that the government has withdrawn the case. The court will now have to decide on the merits of the case or not.