Car price hike: Car prices from Kia Hyundai to Maruti companies – Kia, Hyundai to Maruti, cars have been getting more expensive since January.

New Delhi
The country’s 3 largest car manufacturers are going to increase the price of their cars. If you are thinking of buying a new car, this is the right time for you to buy a car as soon many big car manufacturer brands will make their car expensive.

Cars will become more expensive from January
All three companies could make their cars more expensive from January 2021. This is not the first time though. At the beginning of the year, almost all companies increase the price of their products. So buying a car in December can be beneficial for you.

Kia will raise prices
The company has suggested a degree for price correction. During this period, the company will increase the price of both its popular cars Kia Celtos and Kia Sonnet. We will provide information on how much the price will increase on January 1st.

Hyundai cars will also be expensive
Hyundai will also make its cars more expensive. The company is going to improve the price of almost all its models. It will be clear in January which car the company will increase the price of.

Maruti cars will also be expensive
Maruti is also not far behind in this race. Like Hyundai, Maruti will also increase the price of its full range. The company’s rising input cost is also a factor. The company also increased the price of its cars in January last year.