Cabbage was seen selling for a lot of money, the annoyed farmer was driving a tractor on the whole crop, now D.M.

The farmer drove a tractor on his five bigha cauliflower.

Shamli News: A farmer in Shamli, UP, was so disappointed that he sold a tractor for Rs 1 per kg. In this case, the DMA has directed the horticulture officials and the SDM to submit a report.

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    December 17, 2020, 11:02 PM IST

Shamli In Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, a farmer became so frustrated that he sold a kilo of cauliflower for one rupee and destroyed many of his bigha crops by driving a tractor. The farmer has also supported the farmers’ movement in Delhi for 20 consecutive days with a demand to repeal the new agricultural law. The farmer said that the three agricultural laws of the central government are harmful to farmers. While the matter has also been dealt with by the administration (destruction of crops). “We have come across a case where a farmer from Mayapuri village destroyed his cauliflower crop,” said Jasjit Kaur, DM, Shamli. Horticulture officials and SDMs have been instructed to visit them. He has been asked to submit a detailed report for further action.

The farmer said this

Ramesh, a farmer from Mayapur village in Kaira area of ​​Shamli in Uttar Pradesh, said he has grown about 5 bighas of cauliflower on his farm with sweat and blood. When he took 76 pieces of cauliflower to sell in Delhi Mandi, but even after many days he could not sell his cauliflower and it got spoiled. He also said that his cauliflower was bought in other congregations for only one rupee per kg. While preparing cauliflower crop costs 4 to 5 thousand rupees per. Because of this I drove a tractor on a standing crop of cauliflower and destroyed it.

The government withdraws the agricultural law

Ramesh, a farmer driving a tractor on a 5 bigha crop of cauliflower, said that all the three agricultural laws of the central government are harmful to farmers, which should be repealed by the government. For the last twenty days in Delhi, various farmers’ organizations across the country, including in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab, have been agitating for the repeal of three new agricultural laws by the central government. Although there have been several rounds of talks between the farmers and the central government so far, no compromise has been reached. In the meantime, if the farmer does not get a fair price for the crop, he has to destroy it by driving a tractor.