BTS song V releases original track ‘Snow Flower’ with Peakboy and will bring you comfort and happiness this holiday season: Bollywood News

Let the global BTS pop stars make this holiday season 100x better! After releasing the record-breaking song ‘Dynamite’, followed by multiple hits at # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, chart-topping albums, Grammy nominations and a brand new album ‘TO BE’, BTS members keep releasing new music. Earlier in the day, member Jimin released his original music ‘Christmas Love’, produced by him, RM and Slow Rabbit. This Christmas, Member V is spreading festive cheer and warmth with her original track ‘Snow Flower’ introducing his friend and artist Peakboy.

While protecting the purple flower in the artwork, V expresses a message of warmth and comfort in these troubled times. There is a mention of “white angels” in the song which can mean people stepping forward to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. It could also refer to frontliners, doctors, medical personnel, and everyone else who deserves praise for the great job they’ve done this year. “When the world is beautifully dyed white / I will suffocate those faded colors / There are a lot of white angels here and there this year so / take a deep breath and take a look at those flowers that look like you, “these lines perfectly express gratitude and love.

This is the first time V has collaborated with another artist on his original track. Peakboy is a songwriter, rapper and has been friends with V for a long time. The song was produced by both artists.

In a special message, V talked about why she chose to release this song over Christmas. “I believe there would have been a personal discomfort and sadness that would have affected many of us as the end of the year approached due to the feeling that time had stopped. I hastily did it in a heart of apology with ARMY, as I kept falling behind on my mixtape, “he wrote in his message.

“I think this year would seem like a year when time has stood still, and with the end of the year approaching, many of us would be restless and gloomy. in your hearts so you might feel warm consolation and joy. I really want to thank the many white angels this year hehe Thanks. And my friend Wooga, Peakboy, attended this. Happy holidays! “he concluded (via doyoubangtan).

V has a special way of sending her messages through her sentimental texts. With each song like ‘Scenario’, ‘Winter Bear’, ‘Sweet night’ is ‘Blue gray’ among others, it was like an open book expressing how he feels at that moment. For an artist, being vulnerable on a record is the hardest thing. At a time when life has stopped and restlessness has taken over, admitting to feeling anxious just like everyone in the world is what makes him a true artist. Instead of hiding those feelings, the message is beautifully captured in the lyrics that it’s okay to feel these emotions, but it’s also important to move on to feel the warmth and happiness around you – to accept the blue and gray emotions in your life and power through. of it. ‘Snow Flower’ is the epitome of the best CHRISTMAS GIFT ever!

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