BTS singer Jimin shares the perfect Christmas song “Christmas Love”, Twitter goes into crisis

Image source: TWITTER / @ JIMIN_ALERT, @ PUIK_B

BTS singer Jimin treats fans with perfect Christmas song ‘Christmas Love’

South Korean band BTS never fails to leave their fans inebriated by their soulful vocals and chart-topping songs. As the holiday season is around the corner with people celebrating Christmas 2020, BTS singer Jimin treated fans on Christmas Eve with a new song called “Christmas Love”. calling it a Christmas present to his BTS army. The singer went to the BTS blog to share the song and the meaning behind it. He also expressed that he was delighted to release such a brilliant song during such difficult times and how it goes back to his childhood memories.

Jimin wrote: “As you can tell from the lyrics, this song contains the emotions I felt in one of my favorite childhood memories, when I first saw a thick snow fall. I think as we grow up, we will really miss him. our childhood I think we remember our pure and innocent selves from the past and want to go back to those days.

The responsibility that comes from growing up, that responsibility makes our innocent selves grow and I think it makes us hide our emotions a bit. But I believe we still have those emotions inside of us. So, even if it sounds childish, why don’t we express those emotions? I think it would be nice if today were the day it happens. “

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The BTS army was thrilled to receive the Christmas present and went into crisis on Twitter. Fans flooded the social media platform, sharing the emotions they felt after hearing the soulful track. A Twitter user wrote: “Jimin’s New Year’s gift was” Promise “for the New Year and now he gave us” Christmas Love “for Christmas, he’s really an angel” Another tweeted “, #ChristmasLovebyJimin yes the cold surrounded by snow feels like a hug. At a time when we are isolated from most of our families, this was a beautiful gift. “

Speaking further on the song, Jimin wrote: “All of you are always worthy of love. So instead of saying the commonly used phrase” shiver “, even if it’s a little embarrassing, I hope the moment when we can enjoy our time together will come soon “This song is so Jimin … All happiness, a ray of bright, pure, pure sky … Mimi you’re too sweet for this world, baby.”

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Christmas Love is produced by Slow Rabbit, Jimin and RM.