Brock Col Assner’s new look comes out, Roman Reigns will generate waste, big statement from WWE Champion

WWE SmackDown Preview: Roman Reigns Will Destroy In Steel Cage, Will Fans Get New Champion?

The next episode of SmackDown is going to be even more special. Indeed, WWE has announced some great and terrific bouts for the Christmas special episode of SmackDown. In this case, everyone must watch the next episode of SmackDown. There will be some big title matches and Roman Reigns will also be seen in action. This will be the first episode of SmackDown after TLC PPV and the company will want to make it interesting. Other than that, the last episode of RAW was pretty bad and the fans did it badly. In such a scenario, after a disappointing episode of RAW, SmackDown should have raised expectations.

“I might be surprised to enter the WWE Royal Rumble”

WWE has begun preparations for next year’s first PPV WWE Royal Rumble. Many old stars always make surprise entries on the WWE Royal Rumble. In such a situation the eyes of the fans are once again fixed on the event that WWE somehow surprises everyone. He is very excited about which old stars will be seen in the WWE Royal Rumble. In this episode, WCW star Esther showed interest in the WWE Royal Rumble. He has said he would like to enter the WWE Royal Rumble.

WWE superstar Kevin Owens parted ways with his character and made a big statement. These statements were for none other than the Roman Rance, the ruling WWE Universal Champion. In the statement, Kevin Owens praised WWE’s great heel, the Roman Reigns. He praised the work of Roman Reigns in the WWE locker room. Owens said the Roman Reigns do not have their own locker room like the big superstars.

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With a curly mustache, the new look of the brocade ass snanner rocked

Brock Lesnar has not appeared on WWE TV since WrestleMania 36. He suffered a defeat against Drew McIntyre. The whole universe is waiting for the return of Brkl Assnr. Brock is not in the ring right now but he is constantly changing his look. Not long ago, the new look of the brass snare came.

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Top WWE superstars explain why they are jealous of Roman Reigns?

The rivalry between Roman Reyns and Kevin Owens is going well now. TLC had a great match between the two. Roman Reigns won with the help of Jay Uso. Kevin Owens fought alone with Roman Reyns and Jay Yuso in TLC.

Former WWE Champion of Indian Origin praises Undertaker for big reveal

The Undertaker had become a big name in the world of wrestling. The Undertaker had just retired from wrestling. All the superstars are sharing their experience with them. Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal also praised The Undertaker. Also, Jinder Mahal made a big revelation about The Undertaker.

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Published December 25, 2020, 19:30 IST