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London14 hours ago

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Britain voted to secede from Brexit. The results confirmed Brexit. People celebrated by performing in many places. In the photo, people gathered in Britain’s Parliament Square. -File.

A landmark trade deal was agreed between Britain and the European Union (EU) on Thursday. It was negotiated by both sides for 10 months. The UK seceded from the European Union on 31 January, but business issues were suppressed. Now both parties will vote on the deal. A session has been called for this in the UK on Wednesday. However, the draft agreement has not yet been disclosed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson posted a picture of himself on social media after the deal was struck. In it he writes that we have withdrawn our destiny. People were saying this is impossible, but we have achieved that. At the same time, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said it was a long and winding road. We finally got a good deal. This is true for both parties.

Britain’s secession from the European Union is nearing completion. Earlier, the deal was finalized. With this, it was decided that, in the next few days, Britain would secede from the economic constitution of the European Union. However, the issue of future relations between the group EU and the 27-nation UK remains unresolved.

The case was stuck on 3 issues between the UK and the EU

Between months of tension and rhetoric, the two sides gradually resolved their differences on three major issues. This includes fair competition rules, a mechanism for resolving future disputes and the UK granting fishing rights to EU boats at sea. The issue of fishing was the biggest obstacle in the deal.

Johnson said – Britain is profitable even if the deal is not done

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson set October 15 as the deadline for the deal. He said Britain would be cut off from the European Union unconditionally if the deal was not done by then. Johnson said an agreement could only be reached if the EU reconsiders. At the same time, the EU accused the UK of not taking the deal seriously. Johnson insisted Britain would remain profitable even if the deal was not done.

At the time, Johnson believed that Britain would have to trade with the European Union on the terms of the World Trade Organization (WTO) after Bruget. However, the government believes that the UK’s incorrect separation could lead to the possibility of a grid lane at ports. This will lead to shortage of some items in the country and increase the prices of food items. Britain withdrew from the European Union on 31 January. This process is called brigute itself. Its financial transaction period ends on December 31.

The European Commission said what would hurt Britain

Many in Britain still believe it is not appropriate to leave the EU. This will hurt them a lot. The European Commission also released a chart after the deal was signed. It describes how moving away from the EU will change for the people of Britain. In this, the new state of Britain is shown as the third country.

Britain considered staying in the EU a loss-making deal

The European Union had economic and political partnerships of 28 countries. Under this, there is uncontrolled movement of goods and people in these countries. Britain felt it was at a disadvantage to stay in the EU. He has to pay several billion pounds annually for membership. People from other countries come and take advantage of it. This was followed by a vote in Britain. A majority voted to leave the EU. Britain then left the EU on 31 January 2020.

Why was Brigitte needed?

Britain never joined the European Union. In contrast, the EU has more control over the lives of the British people. He has imposed many conditions on the UK for business. British political parties felt that even after paying billions of pounds in annual membership fees, Britain would not benefit much from it. Hence the demand for Brugit was raised.