Boy spends Rs 11 lakh on video game using ip using mms account Find out full details here

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Children are mostly advised to stay away from mobile and electronic devices. It is believed that excessive use of mobiles and iPads affects the health of children. But there has been a case where giving children an Apple Plus iPad can ruin your financial situation, yes there is a case in the USA where a 6-year-old child with his mother’s account on a gaming app is equal to 11. Spent millions of rupees.

Spend Rs 11 lakh on favorite video game

According to The New York Post, a child named George Johnson in Wilton Connecticut (USA) bought his favorite Apple iPad video game ‘Sonic Forces’ from his mother’s credit card for about 16,000 (approximately 11.80 million). Spend it. The event is in the month of July. However, US-based Apple Pal user Jessica Johnson found out about her child’s actions too late. After this, Jessica filed a complaint about the fraud. Jessica felt that there might be some kind of fraud with her, so she contacted the bank, from where it was learned that a transaction of Rs 11 lakh had taken place from her account.

Locked up due to account lock

The bank was told that about 25 transactions have taken place since July. The woman approached Apple Pal for this. Apple Play said the transaction was made on behalf of their son. Apple Play has set aside a case to recover Rs 11 lakh. Apple Paul says the company will not be able to help Jessica in this matter, as she has not been contacted within 60 days. Jessica admitted that her account was not locked on her behalf, which allowed the child to easily access the account.

Install parental control in mobile

Parental option is provided by Apple Pal Phone or iPad users should always enable these parental controls. Only then should the device be given to children. The Parental Controls tool has the option to prevent children from buying the app.

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