Body Transformation Ganesh Acharya: Inspirational Weight Loss Story: Choreographer Ganesh Acharya’s Weight Has Never Reached 200 Kg Without Surgery Like 200 Kg – Choreographer Ganesh Acharya Reveals That He Lost 98k Kg At A Look At His Weight Loss Journey Is.

Celebrities in general often inspire us with their fitness routines and weight loss methods. Whether it is television actor Ram Kapoor or singer Adnan Sami, his weight loss journey inspires everyone. Recently, popular choreographer Ganesh Acharya lost 98 kg. Earlier it weighed 200 kg.

Recently on the Kapil Sharma show Ganesh revealed the secret of losing weight. He said that he helped a lot in losing weight under the supervision of trainer Ajay Naidu. He was committed to his cause and worked hard to lose weight. Let us know how choreographer Ganesh lost his weight.

Assistance from workouts and exercise

Choreographer Ganesh explains, the first two months were very challenging for me. It took me 15 days to learn how to swim. Gradually my trainer Ajay Naidu taught me to fry in water. Apart from this I used to do 11 exercises for about 75 minutes. In this way, I lost 85 kg in two years.

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Now I dance with double energy

Ganesh Acharya, who won the National Award for Best Choreography, said that dance helped me a lot in losing weight. I danced even when I was overweight, but quickly got tired. But after losing weight, I dance with double the energy. Not only that, my clothing size label has gone from 7 XL to L.

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Be fit and healthy

Choreographer Ganesh Acharya lost 98 kg through hard work, regular exercises and workouts. Today she is very fit and healthy. She shares photos of her daily workout routine on Instagram. It has now become a fitness icon for people suffering from obesity.