BJP wants to turn Hindus against Sikhs in Punjab: Sukhbir Badal – Indian news

On Tuesday, SAD chief Sukhbir Singh Badal launched a ferocious attack on the BJP over the peasants’ protest against the three central agricultural laws, dubbed the saffron party as “a real gang of tukde tukde” and accused it of putting the Hindus against the Sikhs in Punjab.

Claiming that “the BJP has pitted Hindus against Muslims for the first time”, Badal said the party has “become the most powerful divisive force”, ready to “repeat its evil game in Punjab”.

Asking his former ally to avoid the “arrogant attitude” about agricultural laws and to accept what farmers want, Badal warned the BJP against any attempt to pit Hindus against Sikhs.

He said that if one speaks for the central government, he is called “Desh Bhakt” and if he objects, he is branded a “tukde tukde gang”.

“BJP is the real #TukdeTukdeGang in the country. He has torn national unity apart, shamelessly inciting Hindus against Muslims and now desperately pitting peace-loving Hindus Punjabi against their Sikh brethren, especially farmers. They are pushing patriotic Punjab into common flames, “Badal said in a tweet.

The SAD had left the National Democratic Alliance over the issue of agricultural laws. SAD leader Harsimrat Kaur Badal also resigned as Union minister.

Later in a statement, Badal said the BJP had “split the country into pieces by pitting one community against another.”

“He is so desperate for power that he has no qualms about taking the path of municipal polarization and putting the country on common flames,” he said.

“The BJP was the first to turn the Hindus against the Muslims. Now, he is determined to play the same evil game and reenact the same tragedy in Punjab as well, “he said.

“He is conspiring to turn our peace-loving Hindu brothers in Punjab against their Sikh brothers with whom they have shared strong blood ties for centuries. The BJP wants to replace those blood ties with bloodshed, “he said.

He warned the BJP against any attempt to incite the “brothers” against each other.

The head of the SAD accused the saffron party of resorting to “dangerous conspiracies to sabotage the atmosphere of peace gained with effort and common harmony only for the realization of petty political objectives”.

“The BJP leadership must realize that their party has now become the most powerful divisive force. He resorted to dividing the country and its people by spreading hatred in the name of religion, “he said.

Shiromani head Akali Dal asked the BJP-led Center to avoid his “arrogant attitude”.

“Those who formulated (agricultural) laws have never been involved in agricultural activities. The central government acts on what its officials say, “he added.

Referring to the continued agitation of farmers over the three agricultural laws, Badal said: “The whole country, except the BJP, gratefully acknowledges the debt we owe to our patriotic farmers and soldiers.” “The BJP is causing people to deny that debt. He believes only in emotionally exploiting the sacrifices of peasants, but remains so ungrateful to them that he portrays them as anti-national.

“Today it is against the farmers. Nobody knows what the BJP might say about soldiers tomorrow too, if that’s okay. Farmers are hurt and angry at the BJP, “he said.

Badal said it was shocking and unbelievable that a party that claimed to be proud of India’s heritage is determined to “destroy” the foundation of that heritage.

Thousands of farmers from Punjab, Haryana and other countries have been protesting for over two weeks near various border points in Delhi, including Singhu and Tikri, calling on the Center to repeal three new agricultural laws.