BJP royal band tukde tukde, first Hindus against Muslims, now Sikhs: Sukhbir Badal

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16 December 2020 04:46:23

On farm laws, Badal said: “These laws were made by those who have never done agriculture.”

On a day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused opposition parties of “deceiving” farmers and “shooting from their backs,” former BJP ally Shiromani Akali Dal called the party “the real band of tukde tukde in the country today “while trying to pit the Hindus against the Sikhs in Punjab.

Speaking to the media in Bathinda, where some AAP and BJP workers have joined the party, Akali Dal Sukhbir Singh Badal president said: “If one speaks for the central government, one is called ‘desh bhakt (patriot). ‘and if he speaks out against it, it is branded a’ tukde tukde gang ‘, “Badal said, adding:” The BJP is so desperate for power that it has no qualms about taking the common path and setting fire to the country. he was the first to turn the Hindus against the Muslims. Now he is determined to play the same evil game and recall the same tragedy in Punjab. “

He repeated his accusation in a tweet Tuesday, saying, “The BJP is the real #TukdeTukdeGang in the country. It has tore apart national unity, shamelessly inciting Hindus against Muslims and now desperately pitting peace-loving Hindus Punjabi against the their Sikh brothers, especially the farmers. They are pushing patriotic Punjab into common flames. “

Akali Dal had left the National Democratic Alliance for the new agricultural laws. Sukhbir’s wife and Bathinda MP Harsimrat Kaur Badal also resigned as Union minister.

On farm laws, Badal said: “These laws were made by those who have never done agriculture.”

Stating that the whole country, “except the BJP,” acknowledges the debt we owe to our “patriotic farmers and soldiers,” he added, “The BJP is causing people to deny farmers their due. It is so ungrateful to them. of the farmers who paint them anti-nationals. Today they are the farmers … tomorrow, if they like it, who knows what the BJP could say about our soldiers? “

Later, in a statement released by the party headquarters in Chandigarh, Sukhbir said: “The SAD considers it its national duty to warn fellow countrymen against the BJP’s desperate and destructive game plan in Punjab.”

On the borders of Delhi’s Singhu, the peasants have strengthened their position, saying they will “have” these laws repealed by the government, and claiming that their struggle has reached a stage where they are “determined” to win, no matter what.

On Wednesday they announced that they would completely block the Chilla border between Delhi and Noida to pressure their demands, adding that the farmers’ unions are not running away from the negotiations, but the government must come up with concrete proposals.

At a press conference at the Singhu border, the leader of farmers Jagjeet Singh Dallewal said: “The government is saying ‘we will not repeal these laws’, we are saying that we will do it for you.”

Farmers’ unions also announced that they would organize a nationwide “shraddhanjali” for all farmers who died during the ongoing protests.

Gurnam Singh Chaduni, head of state of Haryana of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, said about 14 farmers have died so far, during protests or on their way to protest sites.

Those coordinating the protests confirmed the death in Singhu on Tuesday of Gurmeet Singh, 67, a farmer from the village of Kandala, in the district of Mohali, Punjab.

With ENS, New Delhi

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