BJP files complaint against Tamil actor Mansoor Ali Khan for linking Vivekh’s death to Covid vaccine

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday filed a complaint against Tamil actor Mansoor Ali Khan for linking actor Vivekh’s death to the coronavirus vaccine. The Indian Express reported.

Vivekh died on April 17 after suffering a heart attack. The actor received his first dose of Covaxin vaccine two days earlier, on April 15. His death sparked speculation that he had suffered from an adverse vaccine reaction. However, SIMS Hospital in Chennai denied the complaint, saying her condition was a separate cardiac event and not an adverse vaccine reaction.

Khan, who is contesting the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections as an independent candidate in Coimbatore’s Thondamuthur constituency, accused the government of Vivekh’s death. “Don’t force people to take the Covid-19 vaccine,” he said on April 16. “I’ve been saying this for a year, stop these Covid-19 tests. There shouldn’t be any news about vaccines. Why are you killing people? Does the government think no one can question them? [Vivekh] he was fine one day before he was given the vaccine. “

Khan also said the preventative measures taken to control the spread of the virus weren’t helpful. “Making masks mandatory is a foolish act on the part of the government,” he added.

Somu Rajasekaran, secretary of state of the BJP wing for public welfare programs, said Khan’s comments created public panic. “Mansoor made controversial remarks about actor Vivekh’s death and against the health secretary,” he added. “It violated the SOPs further [Standard Operating Procedure] issued by the government asking people not to wear masks. Therefore, we filed a complaint against him and urged officials to take rigorous action against people who spread false news. ”

Chennai Corporation Commissioner G Prakash also said Sunday a case against Khan would be registered under the Public Health Act.

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