BioNTech says 140,000 vaccinated in Britain so far

FRANKFURT: Pfizer e BioNTechthe Covid-19 vaccine has been administered to 140,000 people in Britain and the feedback on side effects and tolerability has been reassuring, BioNTech’s chief medical officer he said Thursday.
Britain was the first to approve the shot for emergency use on December 3, followed by Canada and the US Food and Drug Administration.
“In Britain, 140,000 people have been vaccinated and the tolerability data is exactly what we have demonstrated in our clinical trial,” said the Chief Medical Officer Oezlem Tuereci he said in a webcast call with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
He said side effects were mild to moderate and short-lived and similar to those typically seen in other commonly used vaccines.
The CEO of the German biotech company Ugur Sahin he said in the call that he was confident that normal life could resume by next winter.