Bigg Boss: Ali Gony reacts to Ari Khan as KISS, Jasmine Bhasin reacts like this – Bigg Boss 2020 Ali Goni Kiss Arshi Khan Jasmine Bhasin responds to Timov

Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin’s relationship is under discussion inside and outside the house of Bigg Boss. The chemistry of both is very much liked by the fans. Family members are also often seen teasing them. However, the two have been calling their relationship a friendship. Thursday’s episode saw Ali Goni and Arshi Khan kissing each other on the cheek. This made Jasmine Bhasin jealous.

Ali kissed Arshi

Arshi Khan comes and kisses Ali’s cheek. Kashmir reconciles. Jasmine also laughed a little. After this, Jasmine asks Ali to kiss Arshi. After this, Ali kisses Arshi on the cheek. It’s all fun and enjoyment. But later it seems that Jasmine was a little disappointed that she didn’t like this thing. And later he also speaks against Ali and Rubina.

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Jasmine goes to Ali and says – I can do whatever I want, but that doesn’t mean I will do anything. So you shouldn’t either. After this, Ali says this is what you were told to do.

Ali then hugs Jasmine. After this, to alleviate the situation, they harass Jasmine and ask how the baby is. Meanwhile, Rubina also reunites with Ali to annoy Jasmine. Rubina tells Jasmine that you told Ali to do this, then why this question? After this, Jasmine looks at Ali and says- But if Rubina says I’m free to do anything, will she do it?

It will be interesting to see what Jasmine and Ali’s friendship turns into at home.