Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan calls Rakhi Sawant a cheap celebrity, says cheap to his fans too | Rahul Mahajan told Rakhi Sawant in a scuffle that lotus celebrity, raging social media users had heard good news.

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6 hours ago

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There was a time when Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan were very good friends. But watching the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, it seems that their friendship has broken down. There was a heated altercation between the two in the Thursday night episode. Meanwhile, Rahul Mahajan described Rakhi Sawant as a poor celebrity and his fans as cheesy fans. Since then, social media users have been listening to Rahul Mahajan very badly.

This is how Rakhi-Rahul fights

Actually Rahul Mahajan was sitting in the garden area. He instinctively asked Rakhi Sawant to keep company. But Rakhi denounced the ongoing conversation between Vikas Gupta and her and shouted at Rahul. He said he was not interested in talking to her at all. Rahul kept trying to explain everything. But he kept screaming.

Rahul Mahajan also lost his marvel

Rahul also lost his temper and kept saying that he has no place. Rakhi responded by saying, “I don’t want such a friendship. You are yours.” Rahul got angry about this and said, “Who is it that interferes in my personal life? Is she a mother? Is she a wife? Who is she?” Also, Rahul said that he is a lousy celebrity and the audience watching him is lousy. Rahul even made fun of Rakhi.

Social media users made such comments

Reacting to Rahul’s statement, one user wrote, “If Rakhi is a Sawant fan, then I am cheap. Who do you support?” Another user wrote, “Rahul Mahajan is a Kahika celebrity. His name has come up in the case of Bigg Boss. Rakhi is the heart of Bigg Boss. He is very entertaining. Yes we love him very much and we want him in Bigg Boss 14. Huh.”

One social media user wrote, “Titiya is Rahul Mahajan. Friend’s name is tangled. Rakhi Sawant has helped her a lot. But look what she did. If Colors respects her audience, get her out and never call her.” No. “

Another user wrote, “Obviously Rakhi Sawant has a loyal audience base. Yes, it is loud, some irregular, sometimes rubbish. But one who has struggled a lot, breaks her journey. I have to. The irony is that What has been the life and journey of Rahul Mahajan? Isn’t it secondary after that? “