Bigg Boss 14 15 Dec 2020 Preview: Arshi crosses the line and calls Ruby Gandhi again

After the nomination process in ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Bigg Boss announced a task for the election of the next captain of the House, in which all the female members were to play the role of separate bhes che duck. But Rubina and Arshi Khan had a dirty fight between Task and Nikki Tamboli caused it.

The makers have released a promo for the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ in which Rubina is seen reading the rules of the captaincy task. This task involves collecting food to feed the ducks, and ultimately the one who has the most food is the winner. That is, the winner of the task will be the next captain of the house. Tasks will be played in different chess.

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Conspiracy against Nikki of Kashmiri, Arshi and Rakhi Sawant

Bigg Boss Kashmira Shah, Arshi Khan, Rakhi Sawant and Nikki Tamboli have been named as ducks for the first batch and Ruby Dilak has been made the director. Kashmira, Arshi and Rakhi all thought that he would bring Nicky Tamboli out of the game so that he would not become the captain. Nikki is also sensitive and Manu Manjabi and Ruby’s Dilak are disturbed about this.

During the task Nikki, Kashmiri, Rakhi and Arshi collided
But as soon as the work starts and it is time to collect food, Kashmiri and Arshi together block Nikki’s way and ask her to take food. This provokes Nikki and throws her dick out. He starts taking Kashmiri ducks after he becomes unfit himself.

Dirty quarrel between Rubina and Arshi

Meanwhile Rubina comes in between but Arshi stops her. Also meets with Ruby’s Arshi on this. Arshi Khan calls Rubina a ‘dirty woman’ and a ‘cheap woman’, causing Rubina to lose her temper and stop her nonsense. What will be the result of this work? Will anyone become the next captain of the house? Or will this task be canceled?