Avaya announces solutions to assist implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine

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Avaya today announced a suite of digital communications solutions to address the unique challenges associated with administering the COVID-19 vaccine. These solutions are specifically designed for healthcare professionals and government agencies and can be applied on any existing infrastructure to assist with the critical requirements of successful vaccine delivery.

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS includes a HIPAA compliant innovation that has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 response, used by healthcare professionals and government agencies for contact tracing, responding to high volumes of medical inquiries and rapid notification services, for example . Avaya OneCloud CPaaS helps these organizations quickly customize and implement automated processes to address the many communication challenges of vaccine launch, including identifying and reaching priority populations; collection, monitoring and reporting of the main progress measures; effective management of appointments including facilitating the second dose; security monitoring; and ensure a comprehensive communication plan to support the vaccination process.

“The rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines is an extraordinary achievement, but effectively administering the vaccine to the general public is the critical next step in recovering from this pandemic,” said Davide Petramala, Director Avaya OneCloud CPaaS, Avaya. “Healthcare professionals need to quickly contact those who need the vaccine, respond to the massive influx of incoming requests that is expected, monitor the vaccine’s effectiveness and any possible side effects and manage it via mobile devices, web browsers, email , and other digital channels. Avaya OneCloud delivers simple, flexible and powerful communication capabilities in the hands of those who help us all recover from this pandemic and we are proud to help. “

Avaya OneCloud solutions can help accelerate community action by removing resource barriers with automated workflows. Avaya’s partnerships with industry innovators for features such as secure messaging and remote monitoring ensure that Avaya customers, including healthcare providers and critical agencies, can leverage the best available technology to achieve better results.

Harris County Public Health, Texas was one of the first to adopt Avaya’s HIPAA compliant communications solutions to effectively meet the needs of its citizens in response to the pandemic. “Avaya OneCloud has taken our operations to a level we never imagined was possible and is saving lives,” says Scott Jeansonne, Head of Compliance and Environmental Programs for Harris County Public Health.

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