Arya Rajendran, 21, youngest mayor of the country chosen by Thiruvananthapuram – news about India

She initially thought it was a joke played by some of her college friends, but a phone call from the District Secretariat of the Communist Party of India (CPI-M) cleared things up for the second year of All Saints B.Sc. College – Arya Rajendran (21 years old). The party has given her a coveted post. He will be the new mayor of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation.

The state capital pulled out a mayor first – he’s the youngest mayor in the country.

“I was in politics at a young age. If the party asks me to take on a role, I will be the happiest to take it, “said Arya Rajendran, daughter of electrician K Rajendran and LIC agent Sreelatha Rajendran. Coming from a lower-middle-class family, her home single storey does not have a motorized road.

Basking in the glory of the recent local body elections, in which most of the corporations, panchayats, and blocking bodies won, the ruling party took a surprise by giving the mantle of the prestigious company to a councilor for the first time. Party leader Jameela Sreedharan and two others were also in the running, but the party chose a young leader.

Call it an electoral stunt or not, this time the party had experimented with many young faces like Rajendran to face the power of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the incumbent factor and many came out victorious. In the 100-member corporation council, the ruling Democratic Left Front has 52 seats and the BJP is in opposition with 35 seats.

In the council she is also the small (usually the mayor is called the mother of the city) but politics is nothing new for Arya Rajendran. At the tender age of six she became a member of the Bala Sangam, a children’s outfit affiliated with the party. He is now the president of the state and also an office holder of the Student Federation of India, the youth wing of the party.

The mayor-designate has some priorities. “A historic city, Thiruvananthapuram, is already beautiful. I will make it cleaner by ensuring proper waste disposal. I will also ensure medical care for everyone, ”she said, adding that many leaders have inspired her, including Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister KK Shailaja.

He said that along with his new role he would like to continue his studies. “The people in my ward gave me a huge margin because I was young and a student. I will continue my studies together with my public service, ”he said. His older brother works in a West Asian country.