Arvind Kejriwal Says Delhi Ready To Launch Covid-19 Vaccine | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal said Thursday that the national capital is fully prepared for the launch of the Covid-19 vaccination.
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He said that in the first phase, the vaccine will be given to 51 lakh people, including 3 lakh health workers, 6 lakh frontline workers.
42 lakh others who will receive the vaccine would be either over 50 or under 50 but with comorbidities, Delhi CM said.
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“A person will receive two doses each, which means 1.02 crore doses will be needed to be administered to 51 lakh people,” he said.
As Covid cases have dropped very low, one-day cases have dropped below 900 and the positivity rate below 1% in Delhi.
After chairing a meeting to review vaccination plans, Kejriwal said: “We are now looking forward to the approval of the vaccine in our country. As soon as we have approval and as soon as Delhi has the vaccine, we will be fully ready to administer the vaccine to these priority groups. ”
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CM said all arrangements are in place to receive the vaccine from the central government, store it and administer it to people.
Multiple Covid-19 vaccines have been licensed for emergency use in the US and UK. In India, the government has yet to decide on the emergency authorization of any vaccine.
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Currently, the Delhi government has cold storage capacity for 74 lakh doses, but this storage capacity will increase to 1.15 crore doses over the next 7 days, Kejriwal said adding that the vaccines will only be given to those people whose registration has been made.
“The process of registering people included in the priority categories has begun. Registered people will be contacted via SMS and will receive all information related to the vaccine launch, ”said Kejriwal.
The manpower and number of teams required to administer the vaccine, such as officers and workers, have been prepared and trained for the task. Each team will have five people. The government has also made arrangements for the treatment of people who report any post-vaccination problems.
“There has been a significant decrease in daily Covid deaths and we need to reduce it further. The cure rate has also significantly increased and people who have been infected are recovering and returning to their homes. The Delhi government has made all arrangements. for administering the vaccine to the Delhiites, ”Kejriwal said, adding that the central government has prepared three priority lists for vaccination.
“The first is from health workers, then frontline workers such as police officers, civil protection volunteers and municipal workers and the third list includes people who are over 50 or under 50 and have some sort of co – morbidity. These people have been marked and any remaining work will be completed soon, “Kejriwal said.
Arrangements are underway on behalf of the government to identify and mark the sites and locations throughout Delhi where these vaccines will be administered. “We have enough locations with us,” Kejriwal said.
During the meeting, officials informed the CM that according to central government guidelines, those on the priority list will be given the vaccine in the first phase.
Health department officials told the CM that employees and officers involved in the vaccine team have been identified and trained.