Arvind Kejriwal says copies of agriculture law in Delhi assembly – farmers are on the road and I am suffering – Kejriwal tore up copies of agriculture law in assembly

During the one-day special session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tore up copies of three agriculture laws passed by the Center and protested in the House, and the Delhi Legislative Assembly rejected all the laws. Gave. He said he would not betray the farmers. “I am saddened to do this, but my country’s farmer is on the road and I am a victim,” Kejriwal said. He said the House was appealing to the central government to withdraw the law.

“Everyone knows how expensive the BJP has been in the last few years,” Kejriwal said. He said the laws were not made for farmers but to fund BJP elections. The farmers have understood this and the rest of the countrymen will understand it as soon as possible.

Kejriwal said the central government was saying that farmers did not understand the benefits of the agricultural law, so they would have to raise their pte leaders. Yogi Adityanath was saying in a rally that no one’s land will pass through these laws, what is the benefit?

The BJP says farmers can now sell their produce anywhere in the country. The MSP of paddy is Rs 1868, it is being sold at Rs 900-1000 in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Tell me where in the country these farmers should sell their crops.

“I want to ask the Center how much more the farmers have to sacrifice so that their voice can be heard,” Kejriwal said. He said that every farmer has become Bhagat Singh. The government is saying that they are trying to reach out to farmers and explain the benefits of agricultural legislation. UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told the farmers that they would benefit from the bill as their land would not be taken away and mandis would not be closed. What is this advantage?

He asked what is the urgency of passing these three agricultural laws in Parliament during the Corona virus epidemic? This is the first time that all the three laws were passed in the Rajya Sabha without a vote. I have appealed to my central government not to make them worse than the British. He withdrew the law in 9 months, take 20 days later.

“I have appealed to my central government to withdraw these black laws,” Kejriwal said. More than 20 farmers have been killed during the 20-day protest. An average of one farmer is martyred every day in this movement.

Before the Chief Minister, AAP MLAs Mahendra Goyal and Somnath Bharti also protested by tearing down a copy of the Agriculture Act. At the same time, AAP MLA Sanjeev Jai said, “Today we will see whether Delhi is with Prithviraj Chauhan or Jaichand.”

Sanjeev Zai said these are very dangerous laws. Through this the farmers are being fired. They said you are imposing laws. After all, what compelled the government was that in Corona’s time, it had to pass an ordinance. The government will be needed today and your legal authority will be taken away by holding on to the constitution. In the 6 rounds of talks, efforts are being made to explain to farmers what the benefits are, Zhao said. The farmer understands where his advantage lies. Today we have to see whether all of us, this house, this country and Delhi are with Prithviraj Chauhan or with Jaichand.

The assembly has been adjourned till tomorrow due to a scuffle by BJP MLAs over the agriculture law. Now the corporation scam will be discussed on Friday.