Apple begins rolling out privacy feature on iOS 14 that will alert users if apps are tracking their location: Technology News, Firstpost

Apple has introduced a new privacy feature on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 that will notify users if any apps are tracking their activities. This message has already started appearing for some users in the first iOS 14.4 beta, according to a report by MacRumours. Each app will reportedly need to explicitly ask the user if they can track their activities beyond using the app in question. The report shares a screenshot where a NBA app required to monitor user activity.

iOS 14. Image: tech2 / Nandini Yadav

As per another report of 9to5Mac, once this privacy feature has been implemented for users, they can visit Settings> Privacy to see which apps are monitoring their activities and revoke their permission if they wish. Starting next year, users will also see a pop-up notification asking them to monitor activities when they open the app after the feature is launched. Here the app can process what they will use the data for so that the user is well informed.

Image: MacRumours

Image: MacRumours

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted confirming the new privacy feature. The tweet revealed a screenshot in which Facebook asked for permission for activity tracking.