Anti-conversion law against a Muslim man who walks with a Dalit girl after a birthday party Muslim boy who walks with a Dalit girl after a birthday party

An anti-conversion law has been enacted in Uttar Pradesh. A man has been booked under the Act for walking with a woman of another religion in Bijnor. He was actually coming back with the young lady after the birthday party. A case has been registered against him under the Anti-Conversion Act, SC / ST Act and Pokso Act. It was said that the girl was 16 years old.

The woman told the Indian Express, “I told the magistrate that those people also have trouble walking with a friend. This I will say again. They made my video and are calling it Love Jihad. I went on my own will. There was no pressure on me.

In fact, at 10.30 pm on the night of December 14, a Dalit girl was returning home after a birthday party with her elderly Muslim classmate. Along the way a group chased him and beat the boy with a stick. When they found out that the boy belonged to another religion, they took him to the police station.

It is being said that the FIR was written at the behest of the woman’s father. The father complained that the man wanted to run away and marry his daughter. However, the girl’s father has also denied any complaint. That said, I believe in my daughter. What has he done wrong? Why is it being made an issue of politics? Is it illegal for a boy and a girl to walk together?

The boy is currently in Bijnor Jail. Dhampur station house officer Arun Kumar said, “The accused is currently in judicial custody. If he is a minor, he will have to provide documents to prove it. We have acted on the girl’s complaint only after asking the girl.

Accusing the local chief of doing politics, the girl’s father said, ‘This is all politics. He wrongly made a video of my daughter saying love jihad is happening. I was the first Prime Minister and I want to contest this time too. They want to win the election by defaming my daughter. However, the minister has denied the allegations. That said, it’s a lost head. I have helped her.

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