Anand Mahindra Share Optical Illusion Viral photo lines seem to be directly confused

People are confused when Anand Mahindra shares a picture that deceives his eye

Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, is very active on social media. By sharing funny jokes and funny videos on Twitter, he keeps his followers entertained. Just yesterday, Anand Mahindra shared an emotional Christmas video on which his followers also became emotional. Before this, he shared a picture that deceives the eyes, which people are amazed to see. He shared a photo of the optical illusion. He also wrote a nice quiz.

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In the picture you will see at first glance that all the lines are crooked, but when you look carefully at each line, then each line will be straight. People are surprised to say this. You may also wonder how this happened? You also look carefully at each line and then look at each line.

Sharing a photo of the optical illusion, he wrote, “I do not understand the science behind this optical illusion. But of course it works … on the couch when you start from one side and go to the other. It is more morally relevant than science: change the lens by which you judge others. ‘

He shared this picture on December 14, which has received 4,000 likes so far. Also, there have been more than 400 re-tweets and many comments. Many people found this shocking. While many people managed to solve it. One user said that because of the green color in the line, it appears straight.