AIIMS nurses cancel the strike after the order of the Delhi High Court

AIIMS Nursing Union went on strike on Monday over wage commissions and hiring disputes

New Delhi:

Nurses from Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Education (AIIMS) canceled the strike on Tuesday night after meeting with the hospital administration and hours after the Delhi High Court ruled that they could not continue the strike. their “permanent strike”.

Hospital director Dr Randeep Guleria, who on Monday called the nurses “part of the AIIMS family” and urged them to rethink their strike, said the administration will immediately hold “several rounds of dialogues” to resolve the issues. suspended.

“On the AIIMS administration side, within this week we will be holding several rounds of dialogues to try to resolve your requests. The Ministry of Health will also hold talks and try to resolve the problem as soon as possible,” said Dr. Guleria.

He also said that requests regarding other ministries – a reference to the nurses’ concern about the Sixth Compensation Board – will also be addressed as soon as possible.

“I thank the entire nursing fraternity, which is all part of the AIIMS family, for having listened to our appeal … to the court .. and also considering the difficult situation of the patients, especially during the pandemic, and the lifting of the strike and the I’m coming back to work, “he said.

Nurses from one of the top medical facilities in the country on Monday prepared tools and made 23 requests that included asking for clarity on the salary structure (referring to the sixth pay commission) and freezing contract hires.

Dr. Guleria called the timing of the strike “unfortunate” and said the nurses had misinterpreted the rules of the Sixth Compensation Committee. However, a spokesperson for the nurses told NDTV that these requests had been made a long time ago and that they had been promised action, but nothing seemed to have changed.

At the Supreme Court hearing today, AIIMS said the strike violated the Industrial Disputes Act, as well as a previous court order banning such action by employees.

A single court of Judge Navin Chawla prevented the nurses from continuing their strike and asked them to respond to the hospital’s appeals, as their requests had been considered.

The strike, which comes at a time when the national capital and the country are battling the Covid pandemic, prompted the center to intervene, with the Union’s health secretary citing an order from the Delhi High Court to appeal for no interruption of nursing work.

Failure to comply with the court order, he said, will be treated as a criminal offense under the Disaster Management Act and the Indian Penal Code, and “action will be taken against defaulting.”