Agricultural laws had long been pending requests; MSP will continue: PM Modi | India news

BHOPAL: Prime Minister Narendra Modi he said on Friday that political parties, experts and even farmers have long been calling for new agricultural laws and have ensured that the minimum price support (MSP) mechanism for crops will continue.
Addressing the farmers of Madhya Pradesh through the virtual mode, he claimed that opposition the parties themselves supported such laws, but now they were protesting because they didn’t want him to get credit for the reforms.
The government was ready 24 hours to speak to farmers, the prime minister said, as the unrest against new agriculture laws on Delhi’s borders entered its 23rd day.
“The new agricultural laws did not arrive overnight, but the political parties, agriculture experts and progressive farmers have been asking for it for a long time.
“Over the past 20-22 years, the Center and state governments have deliberated in detail on these agricultural reforms. Farmers’ bodies, agricultural scientists and even farmers have been asking for them all the time,” he said.
“Indeed, farmers should seek answers from those who oppose now as to why they supported these agricultural laws in their posters to get their votes, but they never kept their promise. It wasn’t their priority,” he said. Ways.
“Their problem is how Modi did. Why Modi should get the credit. Give credit to your manifesto and not me. I just want the progress of the farmers, but stop misleading them on the matter,” he added.
“If you see their posters, you will find that today’s reforms are no different from what they promised,” the prime minister said.
“You are using the backs of the peasants to shoot at the government,” he said, hitting the opposition.
“We ask them again and again to point out the problems in the new agricultural laws, but they have no answer. Those who have lost their political space in the country are misleading the farmers who will lose their land,” he said. .
“I wish to expose these political parties now. The report of the Swaminathan committee is an example. When the report came, they sat there for eight years.
“The farmers fretted about it, but they weren’t bothered. Because they didn’t want to pay the farmers more, they sat down on the report,” Modi said.
“Our government treated farmers as ‘annadata’ (the one who provides food) and implemented the Swaminathan committee report. We gave 1.5 times more MSP than the cost of production,” the prime minister added.
“Two years ago it was promised that the loans would be canceled, but farmers in Madhya Pradesh know better than I how many farmers have actually benefited. In Rajasthan, farmers are still waiting for the loan to be waived,” he said, attacking Congress. who rules in Rajasthan and was in power in parliament until March of this year.
Regarding the fear of the MSP for crops being eliminated, the prime minister said: “Our government is so serious about the MSP that it announces it for crops even before planting.
“More than six months have passed since the implementation of the new agriculture laws and the crops were purchased by MSP even during the coronavirus pandemic and in the same mandis (APMC markets) where farmers sold (before).
“No one in their right mind will accept that MSP will be scrapped. Nothing will be a greater lie and conspiracy than this,” Modi said, assuring that the MSP for crops will continue.
Those who opposed agricultural laws were also spreading lies about agricultural commodities market committees (APMCs), the prime minister said.
Under the new law, farmers are free to sell products in existing APMC mandates if they get a higher price, he said.
“Not a single mandi has been shut down in the past six months. In fact, the government is spending 500 million rupees on their modernization,” the prime minister said.
Referring to the new law on contracts between private entities and farmers, he said that such agreements existed even before.
The new law makes such agreements more binding on private entities, who cannot escape their commitment to the farmer even if they suffer a loss, Modi said.
He will address farmers again on December 25 on the issue, the Prime Minister said.