Actor Gurpreet Ghuggi criticizes pizza anchor protesting farmers Watch viral video

The actor said that those who mocked the pizza anchor in the peasant movement – ‘Hey stupid people …’ – watch the video

A pizza anchor was set up at the Delhi border during the farmers’ protest, for which people were very critical of the farmers. Now actor and comedian Gurpreet Ghuggi has given the right answer to the critics. The video is rapidly going viral on social media. Earlier this month, hundreds of pizzas were distributed among protesters at Singhu on the Delhi-Haryana border.

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The Singhu border has become a place of protest against the government’s controversial agricultural laws. The word ‘pizza langer’ made a lot of headlines. Many claimed the demonstration was hijacked. Singh in his speech urged the critics to think about the ingredients for making pizza.

In the video, he says in Punjabi, ‘Many people wonder how this performance is? Where pizza is being eaten, hey stupid people make crust in pizza, which comes from farmers. The thing that goes from above also comes from his cow.

Then he says, ‘What goes inside your uncle?’

Watch his full speech:

The video is being widely circulated on social media. It has been viewed more than 5.3 lakh times on Twitter. In the comments section, some tweeted in support of the actor, while others resisted his arguments.


A group of five friends left Amritsar on Saturday morning. He did not have much time to anchor regularly, so he took several pizzas from several mills in Haryana and set up a stall at the Singhu border. Within minutes a large number of agitating farmers and bystanders gathered and these friends shared about 400 pizzas among them.

According to pizza news agency ANI, Mr Ghuggi met farmers last week in protest of Singhu and said the fight is “zamindar”. He said, ‘This fight belongs to’ Zamirdar ‘. Three forms of law have been rejected by the farmers, so you (Center) should also reject it.