“Act of terrorism”: BJP after a party worker attacked the leader of the PDP

A first briefing report was filed against Popular Democratic Party leader and former MLC Surinder Choudhary and his supporters for allegedly assaulting a BJP worker, police said Thursday. The BJP called the attack an “act of terrorism”.

CCTV footage of the incident went viral on social media.

The victim was identified as Ripu Daman Kohli. The former secretary general of the MLC and the PDP had organized a victory procession to celebrate the victory of Nowshera’s party candidate. Kohli was in his shop in Nowshera when the leader of the PDP, along with his supporters, broke in and started beating him on Thursday afternoon.

Kohli was later hospitalized in the Nowshera subdistrict.

However, the leader of the PDP, in his complaint, said that Kohli had abused some activists of the party during the victory procession.

His remarks angered the party workers who then slapped Kohli.

“The barbaric attack on BJP leader Ripu Daman by PDP leader Surinder Choudhary must surely be seen as an act of terrorism by the PDP leader at the behest of the PDP leaders,” said Vibodh Gupta, secretary general of the BJP of J&K and former MLC.

Gupta strongly condemned the act and said the PDP leadership lost their sanity in frustration. The leader said the PDP was showing its true colors of hooliganism.