According to Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Uday Kotak’s fortune is 16 16 billion: Uday Kotak became the world’s richest banker and the 125th richest

New Delhi
According to Bloomberg, Uday Kotak is the richest banker in the world with a net worth of 16 16 billion. According to data available on the Bloomberg Billionaire Index as of December 18, his total wealth is અ 16 billion. He is the 125th richest person in the world. Its wealth has reached 1.24 billion this year.

Uday Kotak is from West Gujarat. In 1985, he started an investment company. For this he collected Rs 30 lakh from his family and friends. He later partnered with the Mahindra Group. Uday Kotke gradually expanded his portfolio into stock broking, investment banking, insurance, mutual funds. It received a banking license from the Reserve Bank in 2003.

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Some people may not know some things about Uday Kotak’s life. Kotak wanted to be a cricketer in his childhood. One day he suffered a serious head injury during a game that led to emergency surgery. After this incident, he gave up his dream of becoming an athlete and started showing interest in the family’s cotton business. He later did an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management. He completed his investment company in 1985 after completing his studies.

The company will lay off 2,200 employees amid the Corona crisis

While our country’s banks are in bad shape due to Corona, Kotak Mahindra Bank’s performance is better than that. Industry insiders say that under Uday Kotak’s leadership, the bank has never disbursed loans in the critical sector. This is the reason why it performs well in times of crisis. The bank also raised capital during the crisis, boosting investor confidence. The company has less debt burden than other banks.