4.2 Earthquake near Delhi, strong tremors felt for several seconds

The earthquake struck at 23:46 at a depth of 7.5 km from the surface (Representative)

New Delhi:

An earthquake of medium intensity of magnitude 4.2 struck near Delhi on Thursday, prompting people to flee their homes.

The earthquake’s epicenter was 48km southwest of Gurgaon in Haryana, according to the Indian National Center for Seismology.

The earthquake struck at 23:46 at a depth of 7.5 km from the surface.

Severe tremors were felt in Delhi and surrounding areas for several seconds.

No damage to the life of the property was immediately reported.

News bulletin

Social media was abuzz with people reporting the earthquake, immediately sending #Earthquake to the top of the trends.

Delhi, which is located near a fault, is susceptible to major earthquakes, geologists say. Since April 12, the National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR) has experienced nearly 20 earthquakes.

The city falls under seismic zone IV, a very high risk area. India is divided into four seismic zones – II, III, IV and V – based on the increasing intensity and frequency of earthquakes.

If a magnitude 6 earthquake hits Delhi, a large number of structures that do not follow safety regulations are likely to be demolished, experts said.

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